I booked one massage with Beatrice and felt so relaxed afterwards that I followed it up with a course of five. Before meeting Beatrice I always opted for maximum pressure, but her style of paying more attention to each muscle had a longer lasting effect. I’d recommend Beatrice for a great blend of trained practitioner in terms of her knowledge of the body, who also has her eye on the importance of relaxation as part of the process. An all round holistic experience.
— Nicki
Beatrice is a highly professional and experienced practitioner. She has a superb knowledge of the human body and her treatments — in my case mainly on sporting-related stresses and strains to my knees and calves — were highly effective. Always courteous and welcoming, I would highly recommend her.
— Will Iredale
I started treatment with Beatrice after a physio recommended that I had regular massage to ensure a good blood flow to my legs: I have a chronic on-going knee problem. I elected to have remedial rather than aromatherapy as this knee problem had led to a tightening of my hamstrings and tendons, which made it difficult for me to walk for any distance at all without experiencing considerable pain, and with my muscles going into spasm. And, of course, these issues began to cause problems in my posture as I was limping. Although the massage won’t cure my knee problem, Beatrice’s work has helped enormously. My walking has been much easier for the last six months, and I have recently coped well with walking on rough terrain. Beatrice is extremely good at identifying the areas needing attention, and encourages feedback and input from me. I have found Beatrice’s work methods to be very effective; she seems able to home in onto the tiniest of areas that need attention. I have found this to be such a beneficial process I have continued to have regular massage with Beatrice. I highly recommend her work.
— Eileen
I have continual battles with my back, due to scoliosis and a desk-bound job and Beatrice has been a godsend.
Her skills and knowledge have meant that I leave a massage feeling relaxed, released and 3 inches taller.
— Jo Thurley
I have been having regular sports massage with Beatrice for about 18 months. Over the years I’ve been to a number of therapists and Beatrice is, put simply, the best I’ve come across. Clearly being very good at what she does and having a natural talent through touch and her experience to focus in on areas needing attention, even before I’ve been able to fully identify them myself! At the start of every session, (and during) Beatrice will take the time to make sure the treatment is covering the particular areas needing attention; a joined up process using her professional experience and my perception. The sessions are adapted depending on how active I’ve been. Whether I’m in full Ironman training mode or just have a sore back from sitting at my desk too long! Beatrice has a lovely gentleness to her personality, is easy to chat to and full of knowledge about her profession, making the whole experience not just an essential, integral part of my training programme, but something I look forward to.
— Clive Colloff
I have several problems with my back and sometimes arrive to Beatrice paralysed by pain. She has an incredible intuition of the body, a way of ‘reading’ it and knowing exactly what needs to be released and by how much. I love the fact that there is continuity in her treatments - by now she knows my most vulnerable points and just how to gently work with them. Beatrice also has a very soothing quality about her, so her approach feels very holistic - body & mind. After every treatment with her I feel healed, decompressed and really understood.
— Alina
I got so much more than I had ever expected from coming to see Beatrice. Not just remedial massages that left me feeling lighter, totally relaxed and generally happier (without the ‘massage hangover’ I find you can sometimes get). I genuinely felt like things were really improving each week – that the changes were lasting. I also became more aware of how my posture and subtle imbalances were causing me pain, meaning I could actually try and correct these instead of just winding up with the same old discomfort. And as a bonus I picked up some top general cookery, home DIY and life tips too! So much more than a massage treatment.
— Aimy Marling
The first time I visited Beatrice she was friendly and very attentive from the outset. She questioned me about my body and any particular problems I was experiencing and listened as I explained my old injuries and the knee pain I had recently been having. She then treated me in a way that can only be described as thorough and thoughtful, responding to my body and its needs. I have had very good massages in the past but none have been as therapeutic as the treatments I received from Beatrice. I felt an immediate difference in my flexibility and the pain was dramatically reduced after just one session. Following sessions focused on whatever was bothering me at that time, and on whichever muscles were most tense. I felt that I got a bespoke treatment each time and yet Beatrice always referred back to previous sessions so that we were building on the work she had already done. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
— Donna McDowell
My experience with Beatrice has always been extremely positive. Apart from being a very attentive and talented therapist she’s also a very lovely lady who made sessions a pleasure despite the aches and pains she was working out of me. We always joked that every session was like putting me back together in one way or another, after all the rigours of sport. It’s a real shame that she is leaving my local clinic, but suspect she find equally keen and satisfied clients wherever she is. Many thanks.
— Gary Mills