What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage uses deep tissue massage and more specific techniques to address and prevent problem areas in the muscles and soft tissues.  The treatment includes long, smooth strokes as well as methods such as NMT on key trigger points (see FAQs).  It is beneficial not only for existing areas of pain, but also to identify imbalances in other areas and help prevent these becoming problematic.

Our muscles are laid out in several layers, and remedial massage techniques allow the deeper layers of muscle to be treated as well as the most superficial ones.


What makes Beatrice’s massage different?

Beatrice has highly developed palpation skills.  This means that through her hands she is able to find the most problematic areas of tissue and focus in on these to get the most effective results.

Much of Beatrice’s work is carried out very slowly.  This allows your muscles and surrounding tissues to adjust to the sensations they are experiencing during the massage.  This is extremely beneficial to the treatment.  If an area has become uncomfortable or sensitive, the initial reaction to deep pressure is to try to block it out.  However, if your body has time to register that what it is feeling is relieving rather than damaging, it can, little by little, start to release.  As such, one slow and accurate massage stroke can be significantly more beneficial than ten faster strokes.  This also means that the overall result is a deeply relaxing treatment.